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Some cautions on Coriolis mass flowmeter installation
1. Make sure that the hazardous area specified on the approval tag is suitable for the environment in which the meter will be installed.
2. Verify that the local ambient and process temperatures are within the limits of the meter.
3. No matter the sensor has an integral or remote transmitter, no wiring is required between the sensor and transmitter.
4. Install the meter so that the flow direction arrow on the sensor case matches the actual forward flow of the process.
5. There are no pipe run requirements for the sensors. Straight runs of pipe upstream or downstream are unnecessary.
6. If the sensor is installed in a vertical pipeline, liquid and slurries should flow upward through the sensor.
7. Keep the sensor tubes full of process fluid.
8. For halting flow through the sensor with a single valve, install the valve downstream from the sensor.
9. The sensor does not require external support, but the pipe requires external support.