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MTGB-7/8  Insertion-type  Vortex flowmeter
MTGB-7/8  Insertion-type  Vortex flowmeter MTGB-7/8  Insertion-type  Vortex flowmeter
Name: MTGB-7/8 Insertion-type Vortex flowmeter
Size: DN15…DN400
Accuracy: Liquid: ±1.0% reading
                  Gas, Steam: ±1.5% reading
Output: Pulse
              Two-wire 4-20mA. (HART is available)
              Three-wire 4-20mA (RS485 is available)
Ex-proof: ExdIIBT5, ExiaIICT5
*   All welded, non-clog design provides maximum performance, reliability and enhanced safety by eliminating ports and gaskets. No seals, just steel.
*   Available with optional output. Internal temperature compensation provides cost-effective saturated steam mass flow measurement.
*   Adaptive Digital Signal Processing provides vibration immunity and flow range optimization.
*   Vortex extends the measurable flow range, reduces installation costs, and minimizes project risk.
*   Available in wafer, flanged, and high pressure designs.


Medium Liquid, Gas, Steam
Nominal Diameter DN200…DN2500
Medium Temperature -30…450℃
Nominal Pressure 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa, Higher pressure can be customized.
Range ability Normal range 1:10
Extended range 1:15
Accuracy ±2.5% reading
Repeatability ≤1/3 accuracy
Power Supply Pulse output: 12VDC, 24VDC
4-20mA: 24VDC
Local display: built in 3.6V lithium battery, working life >2 years
Output Signal Pulse frequency signal 0.1…3000Hz (low level≤1V, high level≥6V)
Two-wire 4-20mA.DC current signal (HART is available)
Three-wire 4-20mA.DC current signal (RS485 is available)
Ambient Ambient temperature: Normal -30…60℃,  Ex-proof -20…50℃,  Local display -10…50℃
Ambient humidity: relatively humidity 5%...85%
Atmospheric pressure: (86…106)Kpa
Allowed vibration acceleration Capacitive≤1.0g 
Signal Transmitting distance Pulse≤500m
Electrical interface M20x1.5
Ex-proof Flame proof: ExdIIBT5
Intrinsic safety: ExiaIICT5
Protection level IP65, IP68
Housing Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti (available for other material)

Flow ranges
Nominal Diameter Flow range (m3/h)
Liquid Gas Steam
400 230-2300  2300-23000 2700-27000
500 360-3600 3600-36000 4200-42000
600 510-5100 5100-51000 6100-61000
800 920-9200 9200-92000 10000-100000
1000 1500-15000 15000-150000 17000-170000
1200 2000-20000 20000-200000 24000-240000
1500 3200-32000 32000-320000 38000-380000